‘Heaven Guide Me’ was produced by Richard Samuels. He’s an awesome musician, composer, performer, arranger and producer. Visit www.richardsamuels.com and buy his CDs!

‘Faraway Places Within’ was co-created with Kristopher Stone. He doesn’t have a website, but I don’t want anyone to think I left him out. He’s also an incredible musician, composer, performer, arranger, & producer.

The artwork for both CDs and for this website were created by Jeff Kahn. Not only is he a great graphic designer, his fine art is amazing. Check it out! Visit www.kahn-design.com.

I am proud to be a contributing member of the Positive Music Association, a rich resource of positive music and a propelling force in getting positive music recognized as a music genre of its own. Visit the Positive Music Association at www.positivemusicassociation.com

Do you love listening to music with positive messages? PozRadio plays ONLY positive music, all day, every day! And you can request your favorites!
Visit www.positivemusicassociation.com/radio

Another organization that is doing wonderful things in the world of positive music is ItoI Ministries (pronounced “eye-to-eye”). ItoI is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to transform lives and promote peace through music with uniting spiritual messages. They host an annual New Thought Songwriters Tribute contest, and put on concerts, workshops transformational retreats to help unite diverse groups of people through music. Visit them at www.itoiministries.org.

What is the Earthseeds Project? (You may have noticed their logo on my home page). This nonprofit organization is helping to promote a world view of global family harmony through educational programs and tools, environmental awareness programs, citizen empowerment and action, and earth-friendly music. Check them out at www.earthseeds.net.