Sound Connections, October 2005
CD Review: Heaven Guide Me © 2004
Reviewed by Chris Foster, Association of Unity Churches Music Team Member
Music Director - Unity of Independence

One of the things I look for in a CD is how much of the material can I use for my own congregation and how much I can recommend it to others in similar roles. I’m telling you this is a must have CD for every music program. It is bountiful with affirmations that can be employed on a variety of themes. I have taken the chorus of the first track and made it the offertory song for our congregation. They love it!

Ahria showcases a great sense of melody, arrangement and song structure that is very palatable for not only the general masses but impressive to the experienced professional. She employs great taste with her layered vocals and the production quality on the project overall is magnificent.

In a nutshell this is one of the most prayerful, heartfelt CD’s that has EVER graced my ears. It literally brought tears to my eyes upon listening. So even if you don’t have a music program, this is a must have CD

Best tracks:
“I Send You Love” – A great affirmation song that builds in energy. Very usable for any congregation
“World of Abundance” – The first cut on the project that draws in wanting more.
“Heaven Guide Me” – The title cut is one of the most beautiful chants I have ever heard.

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Science of Mind Magazine, August 2005
Media Review: Heaven Guide Me
Reviewed by Beth Adelman

Heaven Guide Me is a disc of twelve songs with uplifting, inspirational lyrics that explore the connection between creative expression and spiritual experience. These are lovely, gentle songs that describe the love and wonder of Ahria’s relationship with the world and with God… [Ahria] makes a stirring statement with I Will Make a Difference: “I have a special prayer this year, Heaven help me open up my heart, Help me to more deeply feel….Help me to forgive the man who took from me, Help me learn to love myself more tenderly…” A special treat is an adaptation of the children’s favorite Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star. Ahria transforms it into a song for adults about how the stars can guide us to the special places that shine in our own hearts.

The Light Connection, September 2004
Music Review: "Heaven Guide Me" by Ahria
Reviewd by Chiwah

Hungry for a musical gift to help you stay connected to Spirit? Heaven Guide Me does just that. Ahria's sweet, clear voice conveys a tenderly personal quality via that touches places deep within.

The title, Heaven Guide Me, comes from a lively, upbeat chant Ahria created when she fell in love with the style of Deva Premal and Snatam Kaur.

Layered harmonies and descants make it easy to learn and sing along with. “Deeper Surrender,” the CD's longest chant-like cut, is more relaxing and meditative. And “Sacredness,” composed of free-flowing layered meditative sounds, also has a simple chant-like quality.

Other cuts are more story-like in character, with lyrics straight from Ahria's heart. “I Will Make A Difference,” her 2003 New Years prayer, reflects a moment of deep soul searching. The message and musical beauty of “I Send You Love,” written as we were preparing to go to war in the middle east, uplifts the soul as it brings us into oneness with the women, children and men who did not want war. “Spirit Look Upon Me” is a song of prayer. “I was looking at myself and seeing things I didn't particularly like,” she comments., “and asking to embrace all the love that we are.”

All of the songs but one are Ahria's original musical compositions, the exception being "There is Only Love" by Michael Gott. And the lyrics to As God were co-written by Rev. Tammy Miller at Seaside Church in Encinitas.

Ahria always thought of herself as a pianist who liked to sing, but auditioning in 2002 to play the opening song for a Seaside Church service paved the way to a new career. Now the church's music and choir director, she sings every Sunday and creates a program of nine songs for each Wednesday evening Amazing Grace service.

“So many of the devotional chants I loved were in Sanskrit,” she says, “so I started writing English chants, and people started asking for recordings to play at home. Realizing I had a deep calling, I quit my job and sold my home to devote myself entirely to this music.”

Ahria also has a second CD, Faraway Places Within (co-created with Christopher Stone), a unique, ethereal blend of instrumental and free-flow vocal expressions that creates a consistent relaxing atmosphere. Four 15-minute pieces, perfect for meditation, massage, yoga, and gentle healing work.

Vision Magazine, November 2004

Music Review: "Far Away Places Within" by Ahria and Kristopher Stone
Reviewd by JD

Faraway Places Within is Ahria’s second release, following up her successful introductory album Heaven Guide Me. Ahria is a local San Diegan, who truly teaches us about devotion. Beginning with an audition to play the opening song at Seaside Church in Encinitas, Ahria has come a long way to realizing her calling… and has found a large amount of requests for recordings of her songs. Upon this realization, Ahria quit her job and sold her home in order to devote herself entirely to music. Since then she has garnered much praise form listeners. The aptly titled Faraway Places Within invites the listener to take an introspective journey of thought and emotion. The ethereal mix of vocals and instrumentals allows for a very relaxing, unobtrusive experience. With four tracks of fifteen minutes each, this CD is also a prime choice for practitioners or participators in yoga, massage, meditation, or other forms of bodywork and spiritual healing.


“A heartful and gentle caress from the breath of feminine wisdom.” – Jeff Kahn, Kahn-Design, Encinitas, CA

“Hearing Ahria sing is like hearing the voice of an angel – her music is so healing and comforting and uplifting. It never fails to brighten my day and bring me to a place of peace.” – Serena Goldsmith, La Costa, CA

“Ahria’s music is a pure channel of something so much larger than just her. She is freely giving with no attachment or ego. Her music touches souls deeper than one can put words to. A true healing, inspiring experience.” - Rev. Tammy Miller, Carlsbad, CA

“Healing, relaxing and uplifting. A style I never grow tired of. I can listen all day and still want to hear more.” – Dennis Mills, RScP, Cardiff, CA

“Ahria is the pure embodiment of God. If you ever wanted to hear God sing to you, buy this CD! This music will heal your spirit and uplift you to a place of pure joy and peace.” – Amanda K, singer/songwriter, ASL interpreter, Cardiff, CA

“Just HAD to take a moment to say how AWESOME your CD is!! I finally had time to listen to it on the way to work this morning and it transported me to heaven!  What beautiful, uplifting music (and gorgeous photography/presentation) AND your heavenly (from the heart of God) voice ... a marvelous combination!  You touch the hearts and uplift all who hear Spirit sing through you. Thank you for shining so brightly.” - Joanne Millison, RScP, San Diego, CA

“Ahria’s voice is beautiful and distinctive, with an original sound. Truly beautiful music.” – Paul Lloyd Warner, Pianits and Composer with over 1 million CDs sold. Owner of Waterfall Music, Encinitas, CA

“It is always lovely to listen to Ahria. Her music is moving in so many ways, but mostly moves everyone towards Spirit & Love.” - Barbara, Oceanside, CA

“There are those who can sing, and there are those who can sing with heart, passion and soul. You have the ability to touch the lives of all who listen! When you share your beautiful music, you help make the world a better place!” - Mark Romero, Keynote Speaker, Enlightened Success Seminars, guitarist and entertainer. Laguna Niguel, CA

“Thank you for an outstanding concert and great party last night! Your music moved me to tears at times, it came straight from your heart. You looked so beautiful, and the evening unfolded with great precision and professional perfection. I am truly in awe at your talent and your dedication. I KNOW that you are and will be successful!!!” - Uki MacIsaac, San Diego, CA

“What a beautiful singer you are, and the music you write is so gentle and powerful at the same time. I feel so blessed to be able to sit in a concert and listen to your beautiful voice expressing! Thank you so much for sharing yourself.”  - Dawn Landon, Certified Thai Yoga Massage therapist, Encintias, CA

 “I wept with joy, love, spirit, gratitude, and healing. Thank you, Ahria.” – Richard Stahley, San Diego, CA

“Beautiful, inspirational. It touched my soul. Thank you.” – Lara Romero, Laguna Niguel, CA

“As I listened to Heaven Guide Me, it became an invocation into my greater being and the healer of the foundation that lies beneath it. Layers of peeling, releasing and opening... Beautiful, meaningful, and inspiring music throughout the whole CD." – Morea Garcia, Certified Massage Therapist, Carlsbad, CA

“Very Enjoyable. Great songs & lyrics. Had to dance & praise & sing.” – Randy Brown, Designer for Motown Executives Recording Studio and Label Headquarters, Bonita, CA

“Your uplifting and inspirational music has impacted me in a big way!  I've listened to the Heaven Guide me CD at least once a day since I first heard it and often up to 3-4 times per day.  I never tire of the songs, and depending on where I am internally, they affect me in different ways at different times. They're all so good, it's almost impossible to have a favorite although Sacredness is way up there.  A CD full of "hits" is an amazing accomplishment.  The quality of the CD is top notch in all aspects.  All of the music is excellent and you use your voice as an instrument with incredible inflections and nuances.  I'm rarely so taken with music as I am with yours. 

Your concert definitely had the Ahria signature on it, a smooth, flowing presentation of perfection.  Each detail was done so well. It was a thing of beauty, and obviously prepared with a lot of thought and care. Probably what impressed me most of all was the huge amount of support you have for your music.  All of the energy culminated in an outpouring of love. It was a deep heart-to-heart experience.” 

Carole Coburn, Sedona AZ, Personal manager for singer-songwriter Scott Beck, Minstrel for Peace.