When I offer a song, it’s my way of extending my hand and saying ‘here, come walk with me a while.’ When you listen, you take my hand and we walk together in spirit.”

spiritual music by AhriaAhria found her passion playing the piano at a young age and immediately began writing her own melodies. Playing and composing were joyful pastimes for her, but she never realized they would be her life calling – at least, not until she was hired by a local new thought church as their music director. It was as if life opened a door she didn’t even realize was before her. And it turned out to be a golden door. The congregation quickly embraced her sweet, loving presence and melted at the sound of her clear and beautiful voice.

For Ahria, performing at a spiritual center was a perfect match, for the call of spirit had been strong within her since she was a child. She spent many years exploring different faiths and philosophies looking for “home” in one of them. What she discovered was that there were bits and pieces in almost all faiths that rang true to her own soul.

“I have found that for me, religion is a dynamic process. I am always learning, growing, and expanding the definition of who I am and what I find true for me. Sometimes I’m discovering who I am with wonder. Sometimes I’m creating who I am with clear intention. Sometimes I just want to take a nap. And it’s all perfect.”

“I believe there is a deep, undeniable connection between our creative expression and our connection to Spirit. The freedom to express ourselves creatively and authentically is key to our spiritual well-being. And yet, it is too terrifyingly vulnerable for most people to do. Therefore, the most compassionate and supportive thing we can do is to lovingly accept and encourage others to take those steps and express themselves as authentically as possible. It is this very support that has lifted me to a place where I have enough courage and faith to share my music with the world. And it is my honor and sacred commitment to help lift others in the same way that I have been lifted.”

Ahria Sings

Heaven guided me

This CD contains twelve songs with uplifting, inspirational lyrics that are spiritually based without specific religious orientation. The melodies and lyrics are written from a place of deep authenticity.

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Faraway Places Within

This CD contains four 15-minute compositions specifically designed for meditation. The songs blend instrumental and free-flow vocal expressions to aid you in quickly attaining deeply relaxed states. The sound is very ethereal.

Faraway Places Within

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What I have is a yearning to express what’s bubbling up from my soul, in all of its beauty and pain. My songs are how I talk to God, or to myself, or to someone else… it’s all the same. My music does carry a message, but it’s not one of my choosing. It’s one of the listener’s interpretation. It’s not my job to teach anything. It’s my job to express myself as authentically as possible. It is my hope that by doing so, I am used as a channel for Spirit to touch the lives of others on this journey with me.